We provide a limited amount of boarding here at Homewood Animal Hospital.  When you are out of town, you deserve to know that your pets are well-taken care of.  What better place to leave your loved ones than a veterinary hospital, where veterinarians are able to promptly assess your pet should a problem arise?  Our staff is trained to monitor your pet's daily bathroom habits, appetite, and general well-being.  If there is any cause for concern, one of our doctors is notified immediately.  

Exercise/Play Yard


We have an outdoor area that is surrounded by a privacy fence so that your loved one can run around and explore off-leash.  We occasionally let multiple dogs out together to play if we know their temperament and ability to get along with others.  

Sunday Pick-Up


You can pick your pet up from boarding anytime during normal business hours.  However, on Sundays we have a designated time for pick-up from 4-5 pm.  This allows you to pick up your furry friend at the end of the weekend rather than having to wait until Monday morning.  The only time we don't do Sunday pick-up is if it falls on a holiday.  

Facebook Famous


Depending on our case load, we may take photos of your pet during his/her stay and post them to our Facebook page so you can stay connected while your away.  If you haven’t already, be sure to like our Facebook page so you don't miss your pets debut!