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Coronavirus COVID-19 Readiness

We are now offering online telemedicine services to help decrease physical interactions.  Please call us today to schedule an online consultation to determine if it is necessary to bring your pet into the hospital.  

We are also doing appointments only for all days including Saturdays to help us mainstream treatments

Homewood Animal Hospital continues to remain on high alert due to COVID-19.  We have been fortunate to be able to remain open and serve our clients and patients during these trying times.  We have and will continue to implement several safety precautions to help protect our clients and our staff.  Right now, our primary concern is for human health. Experts have not shown there to be immediate concern about transmission to or from animals. Multiple international health organizations have indicated that pets and other domestic animals are not considered at risk for contracting COVID-19. As always, animal owners should continue to include pets and other animals in their emergency preparedness planning, including keeping a two-week supply of food and medications on hand.


        ⦁   At this time, we are still providing curbside service to limit physical interactions between                     clients and our staff.  Our exam rooms are too small to maintain proper distancing to keep

             clients and staff safe at this time. This means you call when you arrive and we will come to

             your car to collect your pet and a doctor will call you to discuss findings and treatment

             options. We have been fortunate that our Doctors are in the process of getting vaccinated.                 Once our staff has had an opportunity to be vaccinated we will begin to let our clients back                 in with some restrictions.  We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding during                     these unprecedented times!

        ⦁   We are staying informed about the latest COVID-19 numbers in our area and the safety

             measures that need to be in place including social distancing, masks, hand washing, etc. 

        ⦁   We are also offering telemedicine with online consultations to determine if your pet needs to

             be seen or if the ailment can be treated at home. 

        ⦁   Frequent hand washing between appointments with soap and water.  Along with wiping down

             exam room surfaces with disinfectants between every appointment.   

        ⦁   If you have any of the following symptoms - coughing, fever, respiratory illness, etc. please

            avoid bringing your pet into the hospital until you are symptom free.  If your pet is sick and

            needs immediate attention you may schedule a drop-off appointment.

        ⦁  Please know your pets are our priority and they will be getting immense snuggles and support

            during the exam even if you are unable to be present with them.  We pride ourselves on trying

            to make the animals experience as fear free as possible.  


We would love to take care of your pets by providing them with the compassion and quality medical services they truly deserve. 

It is our goal to provide an extraordinary experience for both pets and owners through excellent care and service. We understand the special role your pet plays in your family and are dedicated to becoming a partner in your pet's health care. We strive to practice the highest quality medicine and surgery with compassion and an emphasis on client education. Our entire healthcare team is committed to providing personal attention to the unique concerns of each individual pet owner.