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At Homewood Animal Hospital, we strive to provide high quality veterinary medicine to our patients along with exceptional service to our clients.  We provide care for your pet during all stages of life, from puppy/kitten to geriatric.  Our goal is to ensure your pet has a quality experience while maintaining good health.  


Our team is dedicated to support you and your pet throughout their life.  The ranges of services provided include:

Preventative/Wellness Exams

The old addage "Prevention is worth a pound of cure" is especially true in Veterinary Medicine.  We perform annual examinations to ensure no underlying diseases are present or need to be addressed


Geriatric Exam

Our geriatric patients require extra attention in monitoring/diagnosing diseases.  We recommend biannual exams for patients that are in their geriatric stages.

Emergency/Urgent Care

We stabilize and care for emergencies during normal business hours.  After hours we refer clients to Alabama Veterinary Specialists (481-1001). 

Internal Medicine & Hospitilization

Some of our involved cases require additional diagnostics and monitoring.  We have a state of the art treatment room with equipment necessary for persistent monitoring.


General Surgery

We perform a wide variety of surgical procedures including spays, neuters, mass removals, cystotomys, intestinal resection and anastamosis, etc.  


Dental Care

Dental care is necessary for the overall health of your pet.  Routine dental evaluations and cleanings can prevent more serious conditions that affect your pets system. 



On site Digital Radiology (X-Ray) and Ultrasound are utilized for more difficult diagnoses.


In-House Laboratory/Referral Lab Services

An In-house laboratory provides us with information in minutes.  We also utilize an outside lab for routine blood work and histopathology. 

In-House Pharmacy

We have most medications in stock for dispensing.  However, we are willing to script out certain medications to outside pharmacies.  

Behavioral & Adoption Counseling

We can aid in the addition of new pets into a household or with sudden onset of behavioral issues.  


Nutritional & Obesity Counseling

The #1 disease amungst our pets in America is obesity.  We help you formulate a plan and diet to help maintain your pets ideal body weight for good health.

Online Pharmacy

We offer the ability to fill your pet's medications online and have them shipped directly to your house! We offer prices competitive with other online pharmacies but can ensure proper medications are being distributed to your furry companions.  

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