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In addition to utilizing the resources provided by Homewood Animal Hospital, we readily consult with board-certified veterinary specialists all over the country in order to bring state of the art care to our patients.

Assistant sitting at lab station
  • We have an on-site digital X-Ray machine that provides highest quality radiographs.  These images aid in quick diagnosis of many disorders. 


  • Radiographs (X-Rays) are extremely helpful when evaluating the chest and boney structures


  • Radiography allows us to visualize structures within in your pet that are not visible on physical examination. 



  • We also have an on-site ultrasound machine that provides additional information in difficult cases.


  • Ultrasound is very good at visualizing soft tissue structures.  We often perform abdominal ultrasounds to observe the integrity of the liver, kidneys, spleen, bowels and bladder.  


  • Ultrasound can pick up subtle changes that are difficult to visualize on radiographs.  

  • We have on-site laboratory equipment that allows us to have critical information within minutes.  


  • We also utilize an outside lab to provide a more extensive blood profile for more challenging cases.  


  • The outside laboratory also provides additional diagnostics such as tick titers, cytology and histopathology. 

  • We stock most medications in-house and can provide them to your pet at his/her visit. 

  • We also have an online pharmacy that allows us to provide any medications necessary for your pet while being able to ensure proper medications and strengths are dispensed.

  • Some medications we will script out to a larger pharmacy to provide our clients with the best pricing possible. 

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